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Whether it’s a one-off rock concert or a visitor attraction open all year MCL-UK, can offer the experience and proven expertise to deliver safe, effective and innovative solutions for the most complicated of challenging situations in the entertainment industry.
Entertainment Venuesrope access and working at height training courses and consultancy

Rope ACCESS SERVICES in the South East

The right mix of skills and experience

As an IRATA member, and with many years of experience of delivering certified rope access and working at height training courses, we can provide you with a mix of solutions to suit your needs – be it installations and construction, inspections and NDT, maintenance, safety equipment and employee training.

We can review your team’s working practices to check for safety and efficiency, and help your team with ongoing rope access training, other specialist at height training, or specific focussed training on key areas of concern, as well as equipment inspection and training in how to look after personal protective equipment.

working at height solutions

Sound, practical advice

How we can help

  • Testing and inspection of structures
  • IRATA Level 3 Supervision
  • Provide Rescue Cover Teams
  • Safety System supply and installation
  • Rescue and evacuation drills
  • Anchor Bolt installation and inspections
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Risk Assessments
  • Develop tailored Rescue Plans
  • Equipment Inspection and recommendations
It may be that you just need expert and practical advice on a specific situation – just one challenging element that needs reviewing, further investigation or specialist maintenance.

Or, you may be looking for a complete delivered solution from certified experts to provide you with peace of mind that you are complying with your HSE and other regulatory standards or fulfilling requirements from other parties – where we could construct and install a system, maintain and regularly inspect systems, supply equipment and ensure regular ongoing training to your employees.



Rescue at height compliance

Potential rescue at height events involving members of the public are a special issue for some venues like theme parks and adventure parks.

We can help you make sure your team complies with the latest regulations and is working safely both for themselves and for the guests.

We can also provide holiday cover for your own rescue teams, or act as your outsourced rescue team.


rope access and working at height training courses and consultancy for Entertainment Venues



Working with you, we can advise and help you meet your obligations as an employer under HSE or other regulations including LOLER and British Standards.


MCL-UK is one of the leading working at heights specialists in the UK. As an IRATA Member we offer accredited training courses for all levels of rope access, and can also supply qualified contractors for installations, inspections, testing and maintenance.


Founded in 2008, we now have a strong team and cover mainly London and the South East but with associates in other areas – even extending to Canada!


We have experience in developing rescue plans and supplying the required equipment for safe evacuation from height. We can also provide rescue team cover and ongoing training for your in-house team.


Reviewing your systems and ensuring your employees have the correct equipment and follow the best procedures is part of what we can offer, and we are often able to recommend improvements that enable increased efficiency, saving time and money.

For temporary or permanent  entertainment venues

Rope access is cost effective

When correctly performed Rope Access offers a quick, cost effective and safe alternative to using aerial work platforms, cranes and cradles or scaffolding.

In many circumstances it offers the only practical option for access to some structures in some venues, and can be especially useful on temporary installations like concerts and festivals.

MCL-UK can advise on the best use of the rope access and the range of other working at height and fall protection  solutions.

where we can help

  • Arenas
  • Theatres
  • Stadiums
  • Grandstands
  • Convention Centres
  • Amphitheatres
  • Theme Park Rides
  • Amusement Parks
  • Ferris Wheels
  • Observations Towers
  • Cable Cars and Lifts
  • Adventure and Activity Centres

Some of our work

Dreamland Margate

MCL-UK were referred to Dreamland several years ago and during that time have developed a close working relationship that involves installations, inspection, training for staff, testing bolts and testing of fall protection systems.

Construction & installations

  • Rebuilt sections of existing rides
  • Installed fall protection systems
  • Installed 5 new rides
rope access and working at height training courses and consultancy for Entertainment Venues
Entertainment Venuesrope access and working at height training courses and consultancy

Training & inspections

  • Inspected existing rides
  • Inspected rope access equipment
  • Provided refresher training to employees; initial training to new employees
  • Provided reports where necessary on inspections/surveys
  • Tested bolts on the rides to a schedule
  • Provided routine testing on the fall protection systems
Working at Height & Rescue training and Working at Height kit inspection for the team at Dreamland Margate

Dreamland Margate

“Martin Castle Ltd have provided training and inspections to Dreamland Margate since 2017. They provide Working at Height & Rescue training for our team at the Park, and regularly inspect our Working at Height kit.

We have found the courses very informative and structured to suit our requirements, especially the practical sessions and rescue simulation training which are of enormous value to our engineers. The trainers are excellent, all obvious experts in their fields, and holding these courses onsite has been an excellent use of our time and resources.”


Some of our work

Wire & Sky Urban Ariel Adventures

Wire & Sky have engaged MCL-UK for working at height training, IRATA and consultancy on a number of their projects, most notably Up at The O2 and The Orbit. We have worked with Wire & Sky not only on training, but inspections of their sites, as well as equipment supply.

Training & inspections

  • Installing and inspected abseil platforms
  • Trained staff in IRATA Rope Access
  • Provided refresher training to employees; initial training to new employees
  • Provided reports where necessary on inspections/surveys
  • Testing of anchor devices
  • Provided routine testing on the fall protection systems
Providing working at height training, IRATA and consultancy for Wire & Sky's Up at The O2 and The Orbit

Wire & Sky

“MCL have provided technical rope access training, advice and delivery for Wire & Sky over a number of years.  They are diligent and professional and can always be relied upon to provide a great service in this safety critical industry.  We would highly recommend them.” Andy Broad, Wire & Sky Urban Ariel Adventures

Related training courses & equipment

IRATA Rope Access Training

IRATA Levels 1,2 & 3, upgrades, revalidation and refresher training available.

Anchor Bolt Installation and Training

Complying with the new standards, a 2 day comprehensive course.

Rescue from Height Equipment

Tailored rescue training for all Working at Heights scenarios.


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