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Inspections, installations or supervision – MCL-UK offer the right set of skills to help companies operating in the Utilities Sector with a wide range of services both working at height and in confined spaces which can include specifying and installing fall arrest systems and anchor bolts.

Rope ACCESS SERVICES in the South East

The right mix of skills and experience

As an IRATA member, and with many years of experience of delivering certified rope access and working at height training courses, we can provide you with a mix of solutions to suit your needs – be it installations and construction, inspections and NDT, maintenance, safety equipment and employee training.

We can review your team’s working practices to check for safety and efficiency, and help your team with ongoing rope access training, other specialist at height training, or specific focussed training on key areas of concern, as well as equipment inspection and training in how to look after personal protective equipment.

working at height solutions

Fast, efficient and safety conscious services for Utilities

How we can help

  • Cable pulls and tidying
  • Anchor bolt installation and testing
  • Installing platforms or temporary access structures
  • Fall arrest systems and fall protection systems – supply and install
  • Testing and inspection of structures, internal, external, antennas
  • IRATA Level 3 Supervision
  • Provide Rescue Cover Teams
  • Confined Space services
  • LOLER Inspections
  • Lifting Eye testing

There are real access challenges that Utility companies face in maintaining their infrastructure, and MCL-UK has the experience of working on complex installations at height or in confined spaces and in all weather conditions!

Safety is always key, and we can advise on the best options for a specific situation or location – reviewing and testing installations, investigating options and if needed supply and install  and maintain safety critical equipment and fall arrest systems.

We can also work with your own teams, supervising work procedures and providing you with peace of mind that you are complying with your HSE, LOLER and other regulatory standards. MCL-UK can inspect and make sure equipment is up to standard and that testing, specialist training and certifications are up to date.




Working with you, we can advise and help you meet your obligations as an employer under HSE or other regulations including LOLER and British Standards.


MCL-UK is one of the leading working at heights specialists in the UK. As an IRATA Member we offer accredited training courses for all levels of rope access, and can also supply qualified contractors for installations, inspections, testing and maintenance.


Founded in 2008, we now have strong team and cover mainly London and the South East but with associates in other areas – even extending to Canada!


We have experience in developing rescue plans and supplying the required equipment for safe evacuation from height. We can also provide rescue team cover and ongoing training for your in-house team.


Reviewing your systems and ensuring your employees have the correct equipment and follow the best procedures is part of what we can offer, and we are often able to recommend improvements that enable increased efficiency, saving time and money.

Above ground and underground access

Rope access is cost effective

When correctly performed Rope Access offers a quick, cost effective and safe alternative to using aerial work platforms, cranes and cradles or scaffolding.

In many circumstances it offers the only practical option for access to some structures especially for non-routine access or in urgent situations.

MCL-UK can advise on the best use of the rope access and the range of other working at height, fall protection  solutions and confined access.

where we can help

  • Power Distribution
  • Transmission Towers
  • Mobile Phone Networks
  • Wind turbines
  • Underground cables
  • Tunnels
  • Rescue Cover

Some of our work

Corbett & Sons

Corbett & Sons work extensively for UK Power Networks and working closely with MCL-UK we have developed a rope access team trained to IRATA standards and provide Level 3 supervision to allow them to access UKPN tunnels to work in. The use of rope access has expanded as MCL-UK has advised on suitability, and this has led to time and cost savings compared to using scaffolding and other, less efficient options.

Training & Emergency Cover

  • IRATA Rope Access Training
  • IRATA Level 3 Supervision
  • Cover for emergency works
  • Rescue Cover
  • Revalidation training and equipment inspections

Installation & inspections

  • Consultancy on site specific challenges
  • Installation of anchor bolts and fall protection systems
  • Cable pulls in tunnels
  • Design and install access towers for shafts
  • Provide reports and action plans where necessary on inspections/surveys
  • Provide routine testing on the fall arrest and fall protection systems

Corbett & Sons Ltd

“Corbett & Sons first approach MCL back in 2011 to put their team through IRATA Level 1 training as part of work carried out for the 2012 Olympic Games. Since then, MCL and Corbett & Sons have had a strong and continuous working relationship which has helped to raise the profile of industrial rope access with UK Power Networks (UKPN). The collaboration between the companies has provided the opportunity to implement new methods of work for the Corbett & Sons team to be able to carry out their work using rope access, under the supervision of the MCL Level 3 Technicians.

Over the last 8 years, we have met challenges together and successfully completed some large and complex projects, working in confined space and difficult to access environments. We have a mutual respect for our strengths and expertise, without which we would not have achieved so much.”



Related training courses & equipment

IRATA Rope Access Training

IRATA Levels 1, 2 & 3, upgrades, revalidation and refresher training available.

Anchor Bolt Installation and Training

Complying with the new standards, a 2 day comprehensive course.

Rescue from Height Equipment

Tailored rescue training for all Working at Heights scenarios.


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