The current global demand for clean energy has resulted in rapid growth in the renewable energy sector. As the renewable industry grows, so does the demand for talent to work within it, bringing lots of new career prospects. The industry is the perfect transition for individuals leaving the armed forces who will have benefitted from exposure to many of the skills and experience, as well as the work ethic, that are required to work within this exciting, fast-paced industry.

Industrial rope access offers a safe, cost effective and flexible access method to enable regular maintenance and repair tasks for these structures.

IRATA began its life by providing teams to inspect, maintain, repair and renovate the offshore platform. This was in answer to the companies operating these rigs who had found other means of access to be of limited use in the offshore environment, with their structures and machinery taking up too much of the limited space available; and at times prejudicing the whole safety regime of the rig, including emergency evacuation.

Cliffs and high rocks are rarely in a position where semi-permanent access can be employed. Natural wear and tear, the sea and weather erosion can present problems that must be addressed. Long established road and rail embankments works are seldom completed without the use of rope access. Clearing rock for road widening is often a task attributed to IRATA teams

Modern structural designs are becoming more extravagant and, of course, constructing to great height is increasingly common. All this is of little concern to an efficient rope access team who can move around the most complex of structures by means of their ropes alone and can either carry the necessary tools with them or use another rope system to deliver them to the required position.

There are occasions where one particular part of a major structure is impossible to reach by the method being used for the other parts. In such cases, the need to devise a major additional means of access can be prevented by the introduction of rope access.

In addition to rope access training GWO (Global Wind Organisation) accredited courses have been designed to provide full safety knowledge to those working on wind farms and offshore energy rigs. This includes

With over 14,000 personnel ending their military service each year in the UK alone, the opportunity to match the needs of employers with this group is beginning to bear fruit.

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