Teetering on the edge of a tall building, dangling from a rope high up in a city centre, perched on the edge of a cliff or working on the blade of a wind turbine – do these sound like the situations you would like to find yourself in? If so, then a career in rope access could be for you!

The best way to do this is by completing an IRATA course. They vary in levels depending on experience.

IRATA Rope Access:. 

• Level 1 – entry level course covering a range of rope access manoeuvres, the inspection of personal protection equipment, fundamental rescue procedures and current legislation 

• Level 2 – intermediate course building on level 1 training that teaches the knowledge and practice of rope rigging, safety requirements, rescues and QA procedures 

• Level 3 – highest level course teaching a comprehensive knowledge of advanced rescue techniques and best practices, allowing those who pass to become site supervisors Additional training 


Additional training includes First Aid and their own inhouse, highly rated training such as Anchor Bolt Installation and Testing, Fixed Ladder Inspection, Confined spaces and PFPE Competent Inspector course Working at Heights, Manual Handling. 

This all takes place in established, fully equipped facilities at CATCH (Centre for the Assessment of Technical Competence Humber). This new facility based in the industrially rich region of the Humber, provides a safe and authentic site environment with full-scale equipment for experiential learning and development. World-class facilities From these world-class training facilities MCL deliver practical, onsite-based training to members of the oil, gas and renewable industries, construction, stage and theatre rigging, theme parks and many more. Classrooms and simulated industrial environments make for the perfect setting in which to undertake accredited qualifications. 

Rope access can be applied to so many difficult or unusual scenarios – so knowing MCL can get you there, its time to take the plunge! Training locations include Humberside, South London & East London.


MCL Height Safety

Tel: 0208 558 5688

W: www.mcl-uk.com

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