Elevating Performance: MCL Height Safety’s Comprehensive Work at Height Training for Stunt Performers


In the heart-pounding world of stunt performance, where every leap and bound is a breathtaking spectacle, safety is not just a priority—it’s a non-negotiable essential. MCL Height Safety stands as a beacon of excellence, delivering specialised training that goes beyond the ordinary. In this blog post, we explore MCL’s comprehensive Work at Height Training, covering crucial aspects such as working at height, confined spaces, sea survival, rope access, and rescue techniques.

Working at Height – Precision in the Skies:

For stunt performers, mastering the art of working at height is not just about conquering the skies; it’s about doing so with precision and safety. MCL Height Safety’s training equips performers with essential skills, including understanding fall protection systems, utilising safety harnesses, and executing controlled descents with confidence.

Confined Spaces – Navigating Tight Spaces Safely:

Stunt performers often find themselves in confined spaces, be it intricate set structures or challenging environments. MCL’s training ensures that performers can navigate tight spaces with finesse, employing safety measures and equipment to mitigate potential risks. Confidence in confined spaces is crucial for a seamless and secure performance.

Sea Survival – Mastery in Open Waters:

Water-based stunts add a whole new dimension to the challenges stunt performers face. MCL Height Safety’s sea survival training imparts essential skills for staying afloat, handling emergencies in open water, and executing water rescues. In the unpredictable realm of aquatic environments, performers emerge with the confidence to navigate and thrive.

Rope Access – Scaling New Heights with IRATA Standards:

Rope access is a fundamental skill for stunt performers, especially when suspended in mid-air for aerial stunts. MCL’s training, aligned with industry standards like IRATA, empowers performers with proficiency in ascending, descending, rope rigging, and rescue procedures. Scaling new heights is not just a feat; it’s a well-trained, calculated manoeuvre.

Rescue Techniques – Rapid Responses for Unforeseen Challenges:

Even with meticulous planning, emergencies can arise in stunt performances. MCL’s training emphasises effective rescue techniques, ensuring performers are equipped for self-rescue and can assist colleagues in distress. Rapid responses become second nature, guaranteeing the safety of everyone involved.


MCL Height Safety’s commitment to excellence transforms stunt performers into masters of their craft, not just in performance but in safety as well. The comprehensive Work at Height Training provided by MCL is a testament to their dedication to elevating standards in the industry. Stunt performers, with MCL’s guidance, don’t just push boundaries; they redefine them with precision, confidence, and, above all, safety.


As stunt performers prepare to push the limits of what’s possible, MCL Height Safety stands as a partner in their journey, ensuring that each daring leap is backed by a foundation of rigorous training and safety expertise. With MCL, the sky’s not the limit—it’s just the beginning of a thrilling, secure performance.

We regularly run these courses at our facilities in East London, South London and Humberside.

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