Martin Castle’s career has been a thrilling ascent, from mountaineering and teaching the art of scaling mountains to venturing into the rope access domain within the oil, gas, and wind turbine industries. His trajectory spans rappelling down buildings across the UK to traversing seas to access offshore structures. Castle’s passion for problem-solving and ensuring safe work environments led him to establish MCL Height Safety. This company, born in 2008, has evolved into a one-stop safety shop, specialising in IRATA rope access, Global Wind Organisation training, working at height, and rescue courses, whilst providing a working at height operation project consultancy plus offer equipment for sale.

Career Evolution:

Castle’s journey began in mountaineering, transitioned through chimney jack work, and found its pinnacle in rope access for critical industries. His love for outdoor challenges and the satisfaction of finding unique, safe solutions propelled him to new heights, working on diverse projects worldwide.

Founding MCL Height Safety:

In 2008, Castle established MCL Height Safety, venturing beyond rope access into comprehensive safety training. His goal was to equip individuals not just to perform tasks but to do so safely and efficiently. MCL’s training facilities, established shortly after, focus on IRATA rope access, Global Wind Organisation courses, and a spectrum of working at height and rescue programs.

Global Reach and Impact:

Becoming a certified assessor in 2013 expanded Castle’s reach globally. His expertise has been applied to unique projects across Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. MCL’s commitment to providing a holistic training experience ensures operatives not only complete tasks but do so safely, efficiently, and with a deep understanding of the equipment they use.

“I’ve worked on some unique projects and buildings around the world, across Europe and the Middle East, in countries I never thought I’d see,” Castle says. “I skill operatives with all the tools they need in their tool bag, because completing the work is only one element. They need to be able to do the work safely and understand how to use the equipment to work more efficiently. That, in my mind, is the whole package.”

The Connection Between Safety and Efficiency:

Castle emphasises the symbiotic relationship between safety and efficiency. Well-trained operatives, armed with knowledge about equipment and hazard identification, contribute not only to their personal safety but also to increased productivity. MCL’s training philosophy is an investment in both safety and efficiency, essential for any business.

One-Stop Safety Shop:

MCL Height Safety aims to be a complete solution provider. From designing and fabricating safety solutions to installation and training, MCL offers a comprehensive suite of services. Castle’s commitment to developing the best solutions underscores MCL’s position as a one-stop safety shop with training facilities in Leyton East London, Earlsfield South London and Stallingborough Humberside.

Industry-Wide Impact:

MCL’s training courses span various sectors, including construction, entertainment rigging, stadiums, emergency services, and more. Their courses are tailored to individual participants, ensuring accessibility and competence. Collaborations with companies for exclusive courses further highlight MCL’s adaptability and commitment to meeting specific industry needs.

 Future Horizons:

As MCL Height Safety looks to the future, there are no boundaries to what they can offer. Their goal is to encompass everything within the safety and access space, providing solutions that elevate safety standards across industries.

“There really are no boundaries on what we can offer,” Castle sums up. “We aim to offer everything that suits within the safety and access area.”

Martin Castle’s journey, from mountaineering to leading MCL Height Safety, is a testament to his passion for safety, problem-solving, and continuous improvement. MCL’s commitment to offering a complete safety solution reinforces their position as a leader in the safety and access industry. The sky’s the limit for MCL Height Safety, a beacon of excellence in the pursuit of safety and efficiency.

We regularly run these courses at our facilities in East London, South London and Humberside.

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