We are delighted that our new Training Facility at CATCH (Centre for the Assessment of Technical Competence) based in the industrially rich region of the Humber has been fully accredited by IRATA (The Industrial Rope Access Training Association, the international governing body within the rope access industry) for us to deliver our first class Training.

Certification levels

Rope access training courses have three certification levels, each of which have different content and criteria. Devised by IRATA, the general structure and requirements of each level is as follows:

  • Level 1: entry level course covering a range of rope access manoeuvres, the inspection of rigging equipment, fundamental rescue procedures and current legislation.
  • Level 2: intermediate course building on level 1 training that teaches the knowledge and practice of rope rigging, safety requirements, rescues and QA procedures.
  • Level 3: highest level course teaching a comprehensive knowledge of advanced rescue techniques and best practices, allowing those who pass to become site supervisors.

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