Recently we have noticed a growing realisation amongst companies from a range of industries that rope access training may be a necessity to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.

Whether employees are surveyors, inspectors or installers, there will be times when they are required to work close to the edge of a tall building or structure. In these situations, employees will need comprehensive training in utilising a harness and the appropriate safety system.

What industries does this apply to?

The working environments in which this training becomes necessary are wide and far-reaching. For example, we have seen enquiries from those working with theme park rides and a variety of other tourist attractions. Similarly, construction jobs often involve working at height, whether it’s a surveyor working on a tall building or the operation of large cranes. The industries that could be implicated in the health and safety requirements of working at height are truly endless.

Barriers to training

Sometimes these industries are not naturally associated with rope access solutions and gaining support from the decision makers of an organisation can be difficult.  We are noticing that operatives on the front line are becoming increasingly aware of their healthy and safety obligations. However, transferring this awareness to those removed from the front-line can pose a bigger challenge.

We often find that the decision makers shy away from implementing the appropriate training requirements. Sometimes this is due to a lack of awareness but more often than not, it is due to cost implications. Usually this is a presumption based on a lack of knowledge around the current health and safety regulations and is a dangerous barrier in the pursuit of a safe working environment for employees. Ultimately you cannot put a price on safety.

Overcoming the barriers

Employee safety should be a number one priority for every company. It is therefore crucial that companies move on from the inertia of shying away from rope access training. The best way of doing this is by educating on the health and safety requirements. More information can be found in this guide by the Health and Safety Executive.

Once businesses are made of aware of the legislation, corresponding requirements and risks involved with working at height, they will be more likely to assign time and money to the appropriate rope access training.

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