This IRATA rope access course is for candidates who already have an IRATA Level 1 qualification, plus 1,000 hours of work on ropes, one year of experience from your previous Level 1 assessment and a Level 1 certificate that is still in date.

An IRATA Level 2 rope access technician :

  • is capable of rigging working ropes
  • can undertake rescues and performing rope access manoeuvres under the supervision of an IRATA Level 3 rope access technician
  • should have some knowledge of legislation, safety requirements and quality assurance procedures relating to rope access.

Our IRATA Level 2 training is available in London and Lincolnshire.


Includes: IRATA registration, IRATA Certificate, IRATA ID Card, training manual and use of equipment during training. Price includes VAT. 

  • Assessment: Independent assessor will assess on a written question paper and practical examination.
  • Course Duration: 5 Days. The training will be over 4 days with the 5th day being an assessment by an independent assessor.
  • Revalidation period: Certification valid for 3 years.
  • Refresher Training: Refresher training is available to in-date technicians who have not used rope access methods for a period of more than six months. Initially, it is carried out as one days' training, either on a Tuesday or Thursday
  • Venues: Leyton London or Stallingborough Lincolnshire

All of the equipment for training will be provided in the course cost. On passing the assessment the candidates will receive an IRATA Certificate included in the course cost.

Level 1:

  • The minimum age of candidates is 18 years. Candidates shall be physically fit and free from any disability or medical condition that may prevent them from working safely. They shall ensure that they have an adequate level of fitness, are physically able to perform the tasks expected in terms of strength, agility and co-ordination, and are able to withstand the stresses of the working environment, such as heat, cold and other inclement weather. Candidates must be able to understand, write and converse in English.
  • Ideally, all prospective employees should be in possession of an appropriate full industrial medical certificate before starting this kind of work and should be re-assessed at regular intervals thereafter. In the absence of a full medical, trainees are required to sign the Martin Castle Ltd medical fitness form.

Level 2 & 3:

  • Candidates applying to upgrade shall be competent in all practical and theory requirements of their current level prior to attendance of an upgrade course e.g. an existing Level 1 attending a Level 2 course shall be capable of performing all Level 1 techniques and answering Level 1 theory questions prior to the start of a Level 2 course.
  • Candidates who are not competent at their existing level may require additional training. As little time is available on upgrade courses for refresher training, pre-course evaluation is recommended to verify the candidates’ current level of competence.
  • Candidates seeking to upgrade shall ensure that: a) their current certification is still valid on the day of assessment; b) they have the necessary 1 years’ experience and 1000 working hours recorded and signed off in their logbook.
  • NOTE For the avoidance of confusion, 1 year’s experience means a Technician is eligible for upgrade assessment on the calendar day one year and one day after their previous assessment. E.g. 1st April 2014 Level 1 assessment, 2nd April 2015 earliest possible L2 assessment
  • Rope access Technicians who are upgrading or revalidating shall provide their logbooks to the IRATA International trainer member company at the start of the training course. Where rope access Technicians have lost their logbooks, they shall arrange for a replacement to be issued, completed and verified before assessment. Rope access Technicians whose certification has expired should consult 032 Procedures for IRATA registrations and direct entry.

IRATA Number & Logbook

  • Confirmation of your IRATA number and logbook details are MANDATORY for revalidations (regardless of level) and all upgrades prior to the commencement of training.


  • Over 60 years combined trainer experience
  • Globally recognised IRATA and GWO training courses
  • 93% Pass Rate
  • Multiple state of the art training locations
  • Wide range of in-house courses developed according to BS8454 provided under one roof
  • Directly employed qualified trainers
  • On-site design, fabrication and inspection service
  • Equipment supply
  • Pay for your training in 3 instalments when booking online