MCL-UK has teamed up with Altitec to provide GWO Full Suite and Refresher BST Modules, IRATA Rope Access (all levels) training and GWO Blade Repair.

These packages will allow delegates to gain essential safety and technical skills, opening the door to further on-site training or direct employment with leading global blade repair firms, including Altitec.

What’s included in the package

  1. GWO Blade Repair training (provided by Altitec)
  2. GWO Full Suite BST Modules (provided by MCL)
  3. IRATA Rope Access training – all levels (provided by MCL)
  4. ActSafe Ascenders end- user training (provided by Altitec)

Blade Repair Starter Package: £3,999 inc VAT

How to Book

Head to Altitec’s website, for easy access click here:

Finance is available through DEKO. Make sure you access the “FIND MORE ABOUT DEKO” info on Altitec’s website to apply for the loan and read the Privacy Policy, Terms of service and  more information related to the application and repayments:

Altitec Academy address (6 miles from the MCL Training Centre in East London)

Unit 4 Datapoint Business Centre, 6 South Crescent, London, E16 4TL


Includes: use of equipment during training. Price includes VAT.

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  • Assessment: Practical & Written
  • Revalidation period: Certification valid for 2 years.
  • Trainer to Candidate Ratio:   Theory: 12 Students to 1 instructor; Practical: 6 Students to 1 instructor


The course cost will include:

  • If successfully completed, course approved on the WINDA system
  • Martin Castle Ltd Training Manual

All of the equipment for training will be provided in the course cost.

  • New candidates must register on the WINDA system before joining the course to generate a WINDA ID.
  • Delegates to sign a statement stating that they are medically fit to participate in the safety training and that they do not suffer from any medical illness or are under influence of any narcotic substance or alcohol.
  • The minimum age of candidates is 18 years. Candidates shall be physically fit and free from any disability or medical condition that may prevent them from working safely. They shall ensure that they have an adequate level of fitness, are physically able to perform the tasks expected in terms of strength, agility and co-ordination, and are able to withstand the stresses of the working environment, such as heat, cold and other inclement weather. Candidates must be able to understand, write and converse in English