This course is designed for personal to be able to install, test, carry out periodic inspection and retesting of Type A anchor devices in accordance with BS7883, BS EN795 and BS8610.

The course will cover the roles and responsibilities for the system design, installer, inspector, and user. The training will cover correct installation, testing, certifying, maintenance, and inspection of anchor devices in accordance with BS7883, BS EN795 & BS8610.

The course will provide training on documentation to be issued to the client after an installation or periodic inspection.


Includes: use of equipment during training. Price includes VAT.
  • Assessment Method: Written and practical
  • Course Duration: 2 Days
  • Trainer to Candidate Ratio: 1:6
  • Revalidation Period: Certification valid for 3 years
  • Course Cost: £450+ VAT
  • Certification: PDF copy of Certificate


  • BS EN795 – Personal Protection against Falls from height – Type A Anchor devices.
  • BS 7883 – Code of Practice for design, selection, installation, use and maintenance of anchor devices
  • BS 8610 – Personal Fall Protection Equipment – Specification
  • IRATA ICOP – Annex F - Safety considerations when installing or placing anchor devices for use in rope access
  • Working at Height Regulations
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
  • Selection and types of anchor devices
  • Method of fixing – Resin & Mechanical
  • Location of Anchors
  • Structure Requirements
  • Testing and Equipment
  • Anchor Bolt Identification Tag information
  • Anchor Bolt certification and information to be supplied to the client
  • Equipment used for installation and testing
  • Use of PPE whilst installing anchors



  • Understand and use equipment for the installation of anchors
  • Understand and carry out structural tests of the base material
  • Understand the importance of correct installation of anchors in terms of drilling and preparing the holes for the anchor inserts.
  • Carry out an installation of anchor resin eye bolts
  • Carry out a pull test after installation
  • Carry out a thorough examination and re-test of anchors
  • Understand the installation of posts type anchor devices and testing
  • Understand the installation of roof type anchors and testing
  • Understand and use a Hydrajaws pull testing device with load bridge
  • Understand and use a load cell for pull testing / weight loading of anchor devices


  • Minimum Age of 18 years
  • Candidates need to be physically fit and free from any disability or medical condition that may prevent them from working safely
  • A self-certified statement of reasonable fitness
  • MCL-UK Training Manual
  • Anchor Device Installation Report
  • Anchor Device Periodic Examination report