MCL-UK and 1st Option have teamed up to create and develop a working at height and rescue course for riggers, production staff and theatre operatives.

We are all required under the Health and Safety Act and the Working at Heights Regulations to be trained and competent when working at heights. There are various types of course out there and they all have certain elements that are relevant to the rigging, production and theatre environment but none that are solely designed for this industry.

MCL and 1st Option brought together their staff who have many years, knowledge and expertise working in this industry, to develop a course that brings all the relevant elements together and is designed specifically for the rigging, production and theatre industry to fill the gap of theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to work safely in this busy environment.

This course specifically looks at the skills and knowledge required for the riggers, production and theatre staff to use fall protection equipment to protect themselves whilst working at heights and to be able to perform a rescue using prepacked rescue equipment.

The theoretical part of the course will provide you with the knowledge of current legislation, roles and responsibilities whilst working at height. It will also provide knowledge on the correct personal fall protective equipment, maintenance, inspection and pre-use checks.

The practical part looks at correct selection, fitting of equipment and protection whilst using rope ladders, moving vertical and horizontal on truss, scaffolding and roof beams. The installation of vertical and horizontal fall protection systems and the use of hauling & lowering systems to install truss, lighting or audio equipment.

The rescue element has been designed around using the Petzl Jag rescue system. This part looks at emergency procedures, suspension intolerance and the effects on the body. The rescue of a casualty in various locations from hanging in free space to the rescue of a casualty from truss or scaffolding.

If you work or are looking to work in the rigging, production and theatre industry then this course is for you! So why not get in touch today and book your course in our specifically designed training centre in London.